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Breast Surgeries

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Your Complete Guide to Breast Surgeries in Singapore

In Singapore, breast surgeries cover a broader scope of both enhancement and health-affecting procedures. It is crucial to know which one best fits your need as it helps in assessing your commitment to it, and at the same time, can help you prepare appropriately.

Learn more about the different breast surgeries in Singapore, and what each is for, here. Read on.

Breast Surgery Categories:

There are different breast surgery procedures in Singapore, depending on its purpose to your body. In some cases, you might need to undergo a combination of two or more processes to help you achieve your goal. Your trusted breast surgery clinic will tell you more about this after assessing your needs.

  • Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that helps the patient have fuller and bigger breast size. It involves implants, which use medical grade and natural materials that the breast surgeon insert into the breasts. When choosing the type of implants, know its long- term effects in your body. Check if you are capable of maintaining it as well.

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  • Breast Lift

Your surgeon will perform a breast lift if he/she sees that you have sagging breasts. Typically, women who experience the following cause their breasts to sag:

  1. Pregnancy and childbirth
  2. Weight loss
  3. Ageing

A breast lift surgery tightens the skin surrounding the nipples and areola to “lift” the breast up so it’ll be perkier and look fuller. Comparing with breast augmentation, it doesn’t add volume nor make your left and right breasts in symmetry with each other if they aren’t of the same size. Some women undergo a breast lift following a breast augmentation for better results.

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  • Breast Reconstruction

Women who have breast cancer and needs to undergo mastectomy might also choose to undergo breast reconstruction after. It helps them cope better after the surgery. It also poses no harm to the patient nor delays the healing process, so it is safe.

  • Breast Reduction

On the other hand, some women are “blessed” with more massive breasts. But there are cases that it introduces more harm than good, especially when the extra weight is interfering their daily activities, making them harder to execute. Women also experience social judgement, affecting their self-esteem.

Breast reduction helps reduce the discomfort and pain that the extra weight brings. During the process, the breast surgeon removes some of the fats, tissues, and skin. This procedure focuses on bringing relief to patients and in improving the quality of their lives.

However, there are also important things to consider before undergoing a breast reduction procedure. It makes you incapable of breastfeeding and loses sensation in your nipple area.

Risk, Cost, and Insurance Coverage of Breast Surgeries

When undergoing breast surgery in Singapore, you involve yourself with some risks, which all relate to health. Weigh these and the benefits first to see if you reap more positively in the long run.

In the same way, breast surgeries can cost you thousands of dollars, so it is best to educate yourself about it first and know what to expect out of it in the short term and long term. You might also need more than one surgeries to maintain its original appearance and to avoid compromising your health.

And since breast surgeries in Singapore classify as cosmetic procedures, most insurances don’t cover its cost. Another thing to check is its implication to possible future insurance claims. Review your insurance guidelines and fine prints first or consult with your insurance provider.

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