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The medical term is “mastopexy”, but people call it breast lift in Singapore and in around the world. Why do women undergo a breast lift, and why is it popular?

Signs You Need a Breast Lift

Mostly for aesthetic reasons, women resort to a breast lift in Singapore to help them improve their appearance, which consequently, improves their self-esteem as well. Breast lift surgeries are invasive but won’t require you to get admitted to the hospital. Be ready for an hour or two of surgery time, about several days to a week of recovery time, and about two to eight weeks before returning to your normal activities.

Mentioning these things, you need to have a compelling reason to undergo surgery to compensate for the cost and time you need to spend on it. Check if you experience any or all of the following:

  • Pregnancy and childbirth

Sagging breasts is one of the more persuasive reasons women undergo a breast lift procedure in Singapore. When pregnant, breasts tend to stretch and becomes fuller. After giving birth, it goes back to normal, but the quick stretch can make it sag. The same goes when you are breastfeeding since your breasts are undergoing constant stretching with producing and emptying the milk.

  • Nipples pointing downward

Women find the need to have a breast lift when the nipples are now pointing downward, signifying that the breasts have lost its firmness and shape. It also happens when there is lack of support for your breasts, or when your areola expands.

  • You are past your prime years

Sagging breasts is a natural consequence of gravity. As we age, our skin stretches downward with the pull of gravity. The same thing happens with our breasts.

  • Weight loss

Rapid weight loss may not afford your skin and breast the time to stretch appropriately and adjust in proportion to the body. The result is sagging breasts.

Given these apparent signs, women may consider having a breast lift to help repair their breasts and bring it back to its glorious days.

Advantages of Undergoing a Breast Lift

Aside from aesthetic reasons, there are also other advantages of undergoing a breast lift in Singapore for some women.

  • Boosts self-esteem

Women experience a boost in their self-confidence when they feel and look beautiful. Some new moms feel that bringing back their pre-pregnancy bodies will help them cope with motherhood better. Women are also more confident asserting leadership and in socializing with their colleagues if they also look beautiful aside from having the right skills.

  • Better-fitting clothes

Aside from lifting your confidence levels with the way you feel about your body, having a breast lift can help you fit into more types of dresses. It improves your choices and makes shopping easier.

  • Makes you look younger

Aged women experience renewed enthusiasm in life when they look more youthful. It helps them go through life more excitedly and feel weaker or less beautiful as they age.

What to Expect During a Breast Lift

Breast lift in Singapore is an outpatient surgery that also requires ample time for healing and recovery. Aside from requiring you to prepare physically for it, you should also have the right reasons for undergoing it so it’ll be worth the time, the sacrifices, and the cost. You should also consider postponing or even forgoing certain activities for life, such as breastfeeding or trying active or rigorous sports.

How Can We Help?

Undergoing a breast lift in Singapore shouldn’t be an unpleasant experience. For best results, entrust it to a credible and trusted clinic with licensed breast surgeons. Look for proofs of successful operations through their past clients. Try us here at [Company name]. How about we have your free consultation with us today?

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