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Breast Implants

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All That You Need to Know About Breast Implants in Singapore

In Singapore, breast implants aren’t new concepts in the cosmetic world. Women are undergoing breast enhancement procedures for different reasons, and have been successful with it.

Through the years, people undergoing one experience a mix of reactions from society. While it is something that not everyone is embracing, it solicits positive benefits according to those who proceed with it. The key to achieving success in enhancement procedures, like breast implants, in Singapore is being informed. This article tackles all that you need to know about breast implants – types, costs, risks, and identifying the right service provider for it.

Types of Breast Implants

There are many types of breast implants available in Singapore, but it boils down to these two basic ones which FDA also approves:


Saline breast implants use shells pre-filled with sterile saline solution (water and salt).


  • Still safe even if it leaks
  • More affordable option
  • The surgeon can fill the implant shells during operation, so they can control the volume for women who have unequal breast sizes


  • Needs a bigger incision
  • Needs regular MRI sessions to check ruptures since it is harder to detect


It is the most popular choice for a breast implant in Singapore. Shells are filled with silicone gel and are safe and approved by the FDA.


  • Offers a more natural feeling for users, and also visually
  • Tends to hold its shape better since it is only round
  • Still retains its shape even it leaks


  • Needs a bigger incision
  • Needs regular MRI sessions to check ruptures since it is harder to detect

How Much Does Breast Implants Cost?

In Singapore, breast implant procedures roughly cost anywhere from $8,000 to $15,000. Many clinics around the metro can perform the procedure and cater to your budget.

Those clinics that command higher prices typically have more experienced surgeons or offer more comprehensive packages that may include consultations and after-care services. Most clinics provide flexible options to cater to your budget and your specific needs. It is best to discuss these first before settling in.

More often, you can purchase medicines for pain or recovery from the clinic or in most pharmacies, which are separate costs from the procedure itself. Make sure that the clinic will lay down all the charges it involves, even for the pre- and post-care services.

How Safe Is a Breast Implant Procedure?

A wealth of information on the internet is not taking aback the risks of undergoing breast enhancement procedures. Breast implants in Singapore were long to have been a subject of public debates, not just concerning vanity, but also its safety.

Breast implant procedures are relatively safe. However, the risks start when you entrusted yourself to an incompetent provider. Also, breast implants are only temporary solutions, and you must know how to alert yourself when something goes wrong after the procedure. It also requires long-term monitoring to ensure it is in place all the time, or it doesn’t rupture. You might forego some activities so that you won’t damage it.

Just like other products, be aware of its lifetime, as well as observe proper care after the procedure. And most importantly, make sure you transact with certified clinics to ensure safety and the best results.

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